Jessica Joy London

Artist Statement

I imagined if it rained color the landscape would look like my paintings. Shades of blue would flow from leaf to fallen leaf picking them up and reposition- ing them on bright green blades of grass and grey concrete in harmonious com- positions. Passersby would step in puddles of yellow tracking footsteps across the landscape changing blues into greens and reds into oranges. Pinks and oranges would flow between spaces of rocks too heavy to be carried away, staining them and evaporating back into the clouds.
In my everyday life I am drawn into a realistic version of this fantasy; Water stains on metal water fountains, the markings on stairs from years of people walking on them, painted concrete ground that peels up giving glimpses of the past, tea and coffee stains on countertops.The artifacts of these spaces and processes engage me in a sense of wonder and I facilitate similar processes in my creative work. The close observations of the everyday has inspired me to use materials like water from my fish tank, garlic skins, onion skins, grapefruit, leaves, and grass in addition to ink layered on synthetic paper.
During my graduate studies I spent some time in a biomedical research lab. The systematic approach taken in the lab to understand the normally invisible variables at play presented me with the opportunity to appropriate a systematic approach to my studio practice, which also aims to make invisible phenomena visible.

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