Celebrating… artist, university, community | Rackham Graduate School Exhibition

Currently on display on the 4th floor.
915 E Washington St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Rackham Viewing Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8am - 9pm

For more information about these artists, their artwork and acquiring a piece, please contact:
River Gallery + Exhibits | 734.433.0826

“Great resources and fellowship are available to artists living, working and teaching here in Washtenaw County. Great opportunities to examine, enjoy and participate in the visual arts are available to all of us as well. The current exhibition “Celebrating…artist, university, community” is a dynamic and beautiful demonstration of some of the best art being created by the educators, graduates, current students and professionals working in the visual arts. Many of the artists in this show, now educators themselves, or successful professional artists were once the students of the last generation of art teachers and professors working in our local universities, colleges and community colleges. The lines of kinship and connection within this diverse community of artists are visible across age, media and educational institution when we consider quality, originality and attention to detail. Each artwork displayed shines forth with a clear expression of purpose, pride and confidence. Observed individually each piece seems a unique expression of personal history, psychology and point of view. But taken as a whole the experience shifts and we can observe that these singular artistic expressions are related and demonstrate a kinship that finds it’s roots in our educational institutions. The common cause on display most certainly is self expression but the common effort is to strive for excellence. The educational institutions in our community offer the resources and challenges necessary for this enterprise and everyone of these artists have accepted this offer and succeeded.”