“Responding to Chaos”
Rackham Exhibition

Art as Action, Engagement, and Revelation

March 2 – May 5, 2015

4th floor, Rackham Graduate School
University of Michigan
Monday - Friday, 8am - 9pm

The “Responding to Chaos” exhibit seeks to share with viewers finished artworks that contain a story about the artist’s use of the creative process as a tool for entering into and unfolding their responses to the experience of chaos.

The theme we are exploring for the Winter 2015 semester is artistic responses to the observation of or the experience of chaos. Think back to a time when you were troubled, saddened or confused about a situation in the world, perhaps a chaotic event near home or far away. Recall a time when you experienced personal entropy, turmoil or sadness in your life. Maybe you were passing through a stage of development, or experiencing discord within family or among friends. How did the artistic process assist you? Think about an artwork you attempted to create, got stuck midway or neared the end and could not finish the piece no matter how hard you tried. By staying with the process, how was the solution revealed to you? What did it teach you about your skill set, materials, approach or personal psychology?

For more information about these artists, their artwork and acquiring a piece, please contact:
River Gallery + Exhibits